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What Google Just Did

Last August, Seth Godin asked, "What Should Google Do?" Well, today, a better question might be, "What has Google gone and done?"

Google just filed to sell shares in an IPO. So far, response from commentators has been interesting. Some think the IPO is a search for meaning. Others wonder whether the offering will hurt other Net stocks, while a few stocks have already been buoyed.

Beyond the usual market concerns, it'll be interesting to see how this affects the company as a company. Will its culture change? Will its product and service offerings? Or will Google continue to search itself and help its smart, motivated team members do the right thing?

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  • Sterling Wright

    Brin and Page will quickly learn what you did today is history as far as the market is concerned. However, they are better positioned than most companies because they have a strong financial foundation.

    It will be interesting to see if users remain loyal. There are very few things stronger than brand loyalty. If you ask someone why they bought the same dishwasher, or why they bought the same ketchup, or why they shop at the same store, or use the same search engine...You will likely hear, "They know What they are doing....or They are dependable....I trust them".

    If you sell--anything-- be it to a consumer or another business-- you can't ask for more than that. But, Brand loyalty can be severed, especially when it comes to the internet. Once that happens it is extremely difficult to get those customers back. Before I invest in Google, I would like to know what type of products and services they have planned for the future? Certainly, they will have develop more products than just email to keep customers interested?