Lunch Is Fun(ctional) III

Sometimes I can't believe my own eyes — or what people think is a good idea. Coming across the BananaGuard, a banana-sized and -shaped lunchbox designed to safely transport bananas. made me laugh out loud. Especially this line: "The Banana Guard was specially designed to fit the vast majority of bananas." At first blush, I can't believe someone actually made such a thing. But as an avid fan of the banana — and often frustrated by bruising and smooshing on the way to work — I'm tempted. What fun. And how simply functional!

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  • Sunil Mangal

    Yes it was meant to be funny and we are having a lot of fun on this ride. Take it in the spirit it was meant -funny but practical and definitely a conversation starter. Thanks to everyone for making this successful.


  • Ian Wood

    I just love the idea of a strong box for my three girls lunch boxes. But would they be allowed her in Europe, as the European Commission has specified the dimensions of a European Banana and these boxes look too bent to comply ;-)

    Having shown them to my youngest she has told her mum that she wants a purple one for her fifth birthday!

  • David Paull

    I saw this yesterday and likely laughed as hard as you did. The glow in the dark option is what out me over the top. I also loved the phrase, "...allows for the safe transport and storage of individual bananas..." as if they were referencing uranium or something. If you didn't read the About Us page, it's a must. The story behind the inspiration and how the colors came to be is hilarious (whether or not it was intended to be). You do have to love something so perfect in its simplicity.