Walking the Walk

As a final note for the day, I think the greatest frustration I have day by day is finding the way to challenge business leaders to expand their ideas about what is possible in making a difference in the world. When Seventh Generation decided to develop our corporate social responsibility report, I set an intention that our report would focus on possibility. I want to raise the bar for everyone. I try not to focus too much on the corporate "bad guys." I prefer to be inspirational, to help people move in the right direction.

I aspire to be a role model for the possibilities that emerge from a new type of business leadership. I want to show others the success that can come from building a business on the notions of transparency and honesty and disclosure. I think that we need some new role models in the business world. For whatever reason, I have signed myself up to stand in public and say, "Heres what's possible for business."

I also don't want to lose sight of how much I don't know. Whatever I know is overwhelmed by what I don't know. While I do my work in the world, it is important for me to keep my mind open and remember that I need to keep learning.

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  • fouroboros

    Bravo, Jeffrey. That's a noble and courageous stand and I'm not goofing on you.

    Although my group is a baby compared to Seventh Generation, we share a lot of the same ethos and pathos. Perhaps this will interest you too, Curt... we start every client project by first affirming in the client's and their consumer's words "Why do people matter?" and progressing up from there pyramid-like to peak out at why their individual organization and offering matters. Real words, real feeling, shared vocabulary. We call it revealed shared purpose and it puts consumers, employees, companies on the same footing. Then, we get to help create what they asked for: energy and magnetism--architecture, marketing and processes are just the tactics. We're still growing this thing but many "Happy accidents" ensue.

    Best of luck, Jeffrey

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  • Curt Rosengren

    Ditto to what Philip said. I love the idea of focusing on the possibilities.

    And I completely understand that frustration. There is so much incredibly positive change that could take place if people could just step outside their tunnel vision and see the full spectrum of possibility. It's that whole idea of only being limited by our own conceptions of what's possible.

    Jeffrey, I would love to hear more about some of your experience with what does work when it comes to opening up people's eyes. Anything you've found to be especially effective?

    Curt Rosengren
    Passion Catalyst (sm)

  • Philip Reichert

    I am very touched by the character being displayed by Jeffrey. Focus on what is possibilities. Challenge what you think is possible. Bare bones basic but easily lost in daily activities.