What Should Starbucks Do?

Several months ago, Seth Godin and FC Now readers considered what Google should do — possible paths for that organization's development.

Peter Davidson uses a similar gambit to explore future potential for Starbucks. Among his suggestions: Connect customers using social network software, offer print on demand services, and — get this — buy Meetup.

What do you think Starbucks should do next?

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  • Todd Moses

    Starbucks should include small business services such as stylish cubicles by the half hour rental, internet, private and/or semi-private meeting areas that can be rented by the half hour. A place where salespeople, students, and small business people can get their work done during the afternoon without having to drive in to the office or an alternative to the home office. A place where these people can invite clients and have pastries and coffee while being pitched.

    Think UPS Store and Executive Office within a Cafe.

    I would use it three or more times a week.