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Card Sharks IV

In response to an entry earlier this month, FC Now reader JB mentioned EGO Cards, the "new way to network."

Similar to Cubicle Cards and Nieuwe Garde's new-school take on business cards, EGO lets you write and design your own workplace training cards. While the price point is higher — $1,100 for 1,000 cards — EGO adds the ability to network online with other card holders — "members." Members can also make their own EGO Web sites. We'll see how far the viral marketing approach takes this networking organization rooted in selling business cards. It's an intriguing concept.

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  • hugh macleod

    Ouch. $1100 is a lot. Seems like the social networking tribe is awash with the same wishful thinkers who populated dotcom 5 years ago.

    Why not just get a decent set of bizcards printed up and join LinkedIn or soemthing?

    That being said, I offer cartoon "blogcards" on my website, which I design. But they're only meant to be a bit a fun. Good for handing out at bars and confabs, though.

  • Rutger Middendorp

    Hmmm, Nieuwe Garde's 200 cards cost Euro 8,99 (ex postage). Which should keep the price from being the stumbling block. But I'm wondering: what else from the Ego concept would make you want to get them? Trading them online? Isn't it just about being able to give away something cool with yourself on it, which makes it easier to network. Or is Nieuwe Garde not on the right track either??

  • Chris

    @ $1100 for 1000 cards, I'm betting this isn't going very far. The membership in yet another social networking database is a limited value add, at best.