Introducing: The Support Economy

In the next week or so, we'll formally launch a new online discussion group focusing on the work of Shoshana Zuboff, a Fast Company columnist.

"The Support Economy: Voices for Change" will address distributed capitalism and a new commerce that honors the complexity and uniqueness of our lives today. Shoshana will help facilitate the discussion, and we're also offering a related series of Meetup events that will enable participants to meet up where they live and plan physical events. The first event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 24.

Readers of FC Now can take a sneak peek at the online discussion group — it's not linked into the rest of yet — and have an early opportunity to sign up for the mailing list, as well.

Answer the call to action. Add your voice. Change the world.

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  • Zennie


    I think that any discussion of the Support Economy has to begin and end with the Internet.

    My firm, Sports Business Simulations ( at: http://www.sportsbusinesssims.... ) is entirely web-based. There are people writing for us whom I'm not yet met in person. Yet this activity and brand brings us together.

    I think capitalism of the future is really before us now, and consists of gathering eyeballs. The race is to the person or group that can gain the attention of others for whatever purpose.

    The emergence of "Flashmobs" is one example. It's only a matter of time before someone figures out how to monetize this act borne online.