Trump School of Business III

Not about to be Trump'd, Mark Cuban, cofounder of New Economy wunderkind and now owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is slated to host a new reality TV show.

Dubbed "The Benefactor," the show will basicallly entail Cuban giving away $1 million. Details are unclear, but Cuban will be sharing more information in days to come.

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  • Heath Row

    If any FC Now readers get a chance to catch The Big Idea tonight, be sure to report back! I won't be able to watch it.

  • Jon Strande

    I think Mark Cuban is a guest toinght on 'The Big Idea' with Donny Deutsch (CNBC 10PM EST). Perhaps they will discuss this.

  • Markus Allen

    The just announced name of Mark Cuban's show is called The Benefactor...

    ... The Dallas Morning News reports about 30 contestants will compete on the series. Show details, like the format and number of episodes, remain to be worked out.

    I'll be watching... Mark Cuban blows away Donald Trump.