Bored of Directors

A couple of years ago, Richard Leider offered Fast Company readers advice on organizing their own personal board of directors. The concept remains a good idea — if you can't find the support and guidance you'd like within your organization, look outside.

The current edition of the New York Enterprise Report features a useful article about another alternative: professional peer groups. Going beyond traditional networking groups and professional associations, peer groups help leaders connect within and across industries and companies, allowing for a more focused and productive conversation.

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  • Robert Levin

    Glad you enjoyed the article - it has been one of our more popular pieces. By the way, for a limited time, registered New York Enterprise Report online members (no charge) will be invited to receive a complimentary subscription to the print magazine(launching late Spring 2004).

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  • Mike

    I am a member of TEC which is mentioned in the article. I have been a member for a little over one year. I cannot say enough good things about it. We meet once a month. The time committment is totally worth one day. First, it gets me out of the tactical fire-fighting business for at least a day. Second, it gives me a chance to breath, to reflect and solicit input from my group. Third, the group doesnt let issues slide. We drive to root causes. While "relentless" may be too strong a word, we do not let each other off easily. We hold each others feet to the fires. Each member of the group, while an owner or C-level member of their sponsor company, share the same pain and experiences. I am never alone to tackle a complex problem. I HIGHLY recommend TEC.