Brazen Careerist

Emma Gold has had more than 150 jobs. What did she learn?

Charities are the least charitable places to work, places dedicated to culture are full of people with no breeding, accountancy firms are the most fun, colleagues can make or break your working week, suing sex-pest bosses pays and, finally, keep looking until you find satisfaction.

Sounds like Gold experienced quite a bit of identity shift.

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  • Donald E.L. Johnson


    1. How do you make sure you don't hire job hoppers?
    2. Is there any benefit to an organization that hires job hoppers?
    3. If you see a resume with more than three jobs in three years, are you interested?
    4. Do job hoppers have problems focusing, learning, relating to colleagues and customers, looking out for the interests of their employers?
    5. How long does it take an employer to sense the emotional, ethical and other problems that serial job hoppers have, if they have such problems?
    6. Serial job hopping strikes me as being about as interesting as watching segments of a TV series and as satisfying as eating fast food. How about you?
    7. If you were unable to become fascinated with law, would it worry you?
    8. What do the quality and style of writing offered by Emma Gold suggest to you as a potential employer?

  • Dharmendra Misra

    I was in IT field and I loved my profession. Now I am in Telecom and I enjoy it too much. I enjoy both in fact people say Computer is my first love and Switches second love(No girl friend please). Yes now some truth. In India, I was in Delhi which is Capital of Country and head office of various Charity (So called Charity) associations, Delhi is head office of various Child emprovment and Women empowerment organizations and I saw max child and women beggers on the street of Delhi only. I saw Kolkata, Pune, Lucknow and so many other cities but maximum problem was in Delhi? Why? I hope similar situation is in few other places too. I personally feel that social service should come from heart not from pocket. Social service should be integral part of each and every profession and helping eachother or thinking good for everyone is biggest social service.