The Brand Called... Who? V

Shades of the Design Conspiracy's online branding tool, Wordlab also offers free naming and branding consulting.

Currently offering 23,747 entries in 42 categories (or 340,000 combinations, or 9.3 million potential names — the stats are all over the map), Wordlab provides point-and-click naming tools for companies, products, and services — anything that requires a name, it seems. And the ACME Namemaker offers suggestions for when you don't want to stand out in the crowd.

Wordlab seems to be just one of several silly-ish side projects undertaken by the fine folks at Igor International, a naming and branding agency based in San Francisco. The main Web site is as fun — if not more so — than their Worldlab spoof, and they've even been kind enough to outline their naming process for others to follow.

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  • Jay Jurisich

    A couple minor corrections:

    Actually, that's 9.3 million potential names, and that's specifically for the Drug-O-Matic name generator -- the other generators vary from 26,000 to 340,000 potential names.

    The Wordlab database ("Currently offering 23,747 entries in 42 categories...") is a seperate animal from the name generators.

    Jay Jurisich
    Creative Director
    publishers of Wordlab & Snark Hunting, our blog about naming and branding in popular culture.