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Stress Much?

The February issue of Men's Journal features a list of the top 10 most stressful jobs, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Office clerk
  • Lawyer
  • Restaurant or hotel manager
  • Secretary
  • Claims investigator
  • Messenger
  • Bookkeeper
  • Truck driver
  • Cashier

The package also includes an item on one way you can "whip stress with one finger." HeartMath's Freeze-Framer is a computer application that measures your heart rhythms through a pulse monitor. Used by such leaders as Packard Bell's former senior VP Dan Bishop, the program helps you visualize your heartbeat to calm down and stress less. Seems a bit steep at $300, but I guess peace of mind can come with a price.

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  • T. Wells

    I'm a book author. I love getting to be creative, research what interests me, feel like I'm helping others, set my own hours, and work without supervision. However, it's difficult not having a steady paycheck and sometimes working on speculative projects that might not pay anything at all. Forty-six of my books have been published, but when I tell people I'm a writer, they still ask, "Published anything?"

  • mr. parker

    i am an instructor pilot. i teach new student pilots how to fly. i teach private pilots how to fly on instruments( low visability, night, deteriating weather, ect)...i love my job, but it can be a little "hairy" at times.

  • Amanda

    One more comment after reading more of the comments: How astonishingly snobbish some people are! What an utter lack of humility I see here! I wonder how those who protested the findings of this study treat service workers? I would hate to see how you all treat cashiers, judging by your proud snobbery (and a minister's wife has this attitude? belittling a cashier? I wonder what Jesus would have to say to that? I would think he would not be happy with his so-called servants looking down their nose at someone else. As a matter of fact,I know he would not). I have to wonder if these attitudes, which surely contribute to the stress and bad treatment of service people and the low pay that is given to take this kind of snobbery and abuse, helped to earn cashier such a high rating? How would you like it if people looked down on you so proudly. Shame on on all of you!

  • Amanda

    I cannot believe how some folks get on here and belittle other people's professions, asserting that *their* professions could not *possibly* be as stressful as theirs. How arrogant. (Sadly, some will take being call "arrogant" a compliment, trust me I do not mean it as such.) For example, I am sure being an ER nurse is stressful, I do not see how anyone could not see that, but Sher had no reason to single out being a cashier could not be as stressful as her job. The underlying meaning here being that a cashier's job is of little value, so how can it be stressful? Being a cashier IS a stressful job, Because 1st of all, people look down on you as is obivious based on some of the comments here. Secondly, people seem to believe they are entitled to abuse persons in this profession, mostly due to the myth that the customer is always right and and ever-increasing sense of entitlement in our society. Taking abuse on a daily basis is stressful. Especially when people assume the job is easy and judge folks who do this job so harshly, deeming them failures because of the job they do. I also work with the public as a customer service rep and it is this type of attitude, that I am somehow in servitude to certain people because of my assumed lower station in life that makes my job very stressful. I have to explain to people why they are not entilted to whatever it is they ask for on a daily basis. It is astounding that so many people will admit they know their product is out of warranty, but still feel entitled, with no doubt, to free service. And in my line of work, no=bad service or incompetence. And believe me, people have no shame or hesitation in insulting me personally when they do not get what they feel they deserve. For this reason, and many others, my job is also stressful. And myself and cashiers are some of the lowest paid professions in the country to boot. I wonder how much money an ER nurse makes? I know it must be stressful saving lives everyday, but do not denegrate my job or someone else's simply because I do not share this responsibility. My job is just as stressful, but in a different way. Perhaps if we all cut each other some slack, it would collectively help to alleviate some of the stress in all our jobs.

  • Christy

    Please! Whenever someone needs help, whether they are a cashier to bookkeeper to anything in between, they call people like me! I am a police, fire, and 9-1-1 operator. I hold down an entire community on my own for 8 hours a day. Having to try to see what's going on on the other end of the phone so that you can tell them to do the right thing until someone gets there to help... and sending the right people and enough of them. I would like to see the face of a cashier sitting next to me next time I have a house on fire in one area, a child not breathing in another, and yet how about a 30 something year old having a heart attack. 3 situations or more like this at one time and you are the only one to take a call or give pre-arrival instructions. They would crap their pants!

  • Sean

    This is the top ten people who COMPLAIN about how stressful their jobs are. The rest of us didn't have the time to take a poll!

  • clifton pakre

    I do not know how this so called study was conducted but if you look at actual university and pshcological studies you will see this list is bogus. Health care workers are #1 and #2 on all nationally published lists.

  • Kathleen

    I am amazed that the clergy or chaplains are not on this list. My husband is a minister and a law enforcement chaplain and is on call 24 hours a day. He has done death notifications, worked with suicidal people, teaches 3 times a week, deals with church gossip, does marriage counseling and fits his family in when he can. There is NO WAY a cashier or a bookkeeper experiences the level of stress my husband does!

  • Judy

    And where are Corrections Officers on your list? We are the height of dealing with people. For tewnty years I have helped keep you safe from convicted felons, talk about stress, and I'm not even in the top ten. What stress does an office clerk have, breaking a nail on a file drawer? Your list is not even close!

  • SHER

    well i am an ER nurse & I find it hard to believe that a cashier would have more stress than a nurse, we are responsible for lives on a daily basis.

  • natalie

    I seriously cannot believe that my profession was not listed. Has anyone ever tried spending 10 hours a day chasing after infants and preschoolers for little more than minimum wage???

  • EU

    I have been without a job for two years. My last job was a comfortable $82k a year. It was stressful, but it is not even near this jobless stress. After maxing out your credit cards to pay mortgage and now, you have no food on the table nor hope on where the next mercy gift will come from, you prefer to spend 24 hrs on that stressful job. Being without one is not a wish at all that should ever cross anybody's mind.

  • Aias Cienfuegos

    i have been a bicycle messenger for ten years, six of those years in the mean streets of New York. In the month of October alone three bicycle messengers were killed. I cant believe that we made the list at number seven!
    ps. i have worked in other cities, where being a messenger is the cat's meow, but New York is not one of those cities.

    Aias Cienfuegos

  • Ken

    Ironically, the stress of being unemployed is greater than the stress of all 10 jobs combined.