Short-Lived Stores

Last month, I mentioned Song's experiment with a short-lived retail store in New York City. Its shelf life? Six weeks. An alert FC Now reader emailed me about a similar retail experiment — one that may very well have been the inspiration for Song's shop.

Vacant is a lifestyle goods store-cum-gallery that opens retail locations for one month only. To date, the organization has installed shop settings in New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and Los Angeles — showcasing one-off and hard-to-find products. Vacant releases the address of the store location only moments before the opening, and not all products are available for purchase.

Next year, in addition to continuing its current work, Vacant will open Vacant Annex, a series of permanent store locations within existing retail shops around the world. The first location will be in New York City. Regardless of whether Song cribbed Vacant's concept, this is an idea worth pursuing: boutique businesses with a half-life of weeks. Reminds me of Marti Guixe's interactive interior design work for Camper.

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  • Jonathan Greene

    I read in the NYT that the Song store cost 2 Million to run for the short time... not sure how you get a return on that investment. Even though it is prime real estate, I don't think I ever saw a crowd inside...

  • Steve

    Are they using these stores to gather feedback about concepts or is this a way to generate buzz?