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On Social Capitalism III

To accompany the January 2004 article on the state of social capitalism, the Fast Company team has developed a special resource center that expands on the package in the magazine.

Visit the resource center for expanded profiles of the 20 featured organizations, details about our methodology, profiles of our advisory board members, additional commentary — and ways to donate to the organizations involved.

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  • Ed Brenegar

    Celebrating the exploits of social entrepreneurs is a great thing to do. I see this as sort of the Baldridge award for social innovation in business.

    One critique: The terms social entrepreneur and social captialism are not synonymous. To use social capital to describe the work of social entrepreneurs is confusing and misleading. Social capital is the value of the relationships between partners in an enterprise. While social entrepreneurs may be excellent developers of social capital, that is not the point of your recognition. What you are saying to your readers is look at these businesses that are bringing social change to their communities and our world. This is an important contribution to recognize. As a result, social entrepreneurism is a clearer, better descriptive term than the more clever construction of social capitalism.


  • Curt Rosengren

    I'm psyched that FastCompany is covering this topic. To me, this is one of the most exciting trends in the business world, and the more coverage it gets the better.