Tricks of Other Trades

When developing in-store creative, you can think of your customers as cars on a highway. They are zipping in and out of your store and have limited time to read the "billboards" you've posted. You have just a few seconds at each stoplight to catch their eye.

Another practice that has helped me to think about messaging differently has been to apply the rules of effective website design to in-store message design. Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug provides a "common sense approach to web usability."

Concepts like...

  • When I look at a web page it should be self-evident. Obvious. Self-explanatory.
  • I should be able to "get it" — what it is and how to use it — without expending any effort thinking about it.

What tricks of your trade (or other trades) do YOU have to help ensure you're as effective as possible in your communications?

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  • tom

    make a small game. Sample: put a small christmas tree every day on an other website of your site an offer a present for finding the tree ( x% discount)

  • Eddie Powell

    With 25 years in Advertising / Marketing and now teaching.. one of the basic rules is not more than 7 words on a billboard can be read on a highway at 55+ miles per hour by drivers.. similar time and recognition by in-store point of purchase readers.

    I like to think out of the box - new ideas - I am putting together my own low power FM radio station to "broadcast" information throughout our campus area and adjacent neighborhoods. It should cover a couple of miles in all directions but certainly something new and unique to our area!

    Eddie Powell
    614-325-5456 Delaware (Ohio) Area Career Center Adult Education and Training Center