On Social Capitalism II

FC Now reader Jaki Scarcello's comment on the recent entry about integrating corporate responsibility into day-to-day operations is worth a read.

In fact, Scarcello proposes a two-question filter leaders can use when making decisions:

  • Does this decision reflect the values we have established as our operating rules?
  • Will the outcome of this decision keep us on the path we need to travel to reach our vision, the future we want for this organization?

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  • Mark

    Financial implications absolutely should be included in ethical decision making. It's also important to forecast these decisions out beyond short term profits and potential long term expenses need to be included. This is what integrating responibility is all about.

  • Ed Brenegar

    I agree that these questions need to be asked. However a third needs to be included. Until this is asked, I'm convinced that questions of ethics and corporate responsibility will only appear on the radar screen when it becomes either a legal or p.r. problem.

    That question is "What are the financial implications to this ethical decision ?"

    I, for one, do not believe that ethical action automatically means financial loss. Making the business case for ethical action requires an open-mindedness and creativity that can do more good in identifying new opportunities, than keeping questions of ethics and profitability separate.

    I know I'm swimming up stream on this.