A Rose by Any Other Name...

In the Wall Street Journal today, Jared Sandberg considers the workplace importance of remembering your colleagues' names. I've fallen prey to that challenge myself. Interns come and go, and heck if I can remember the name of every intern we've had here at Fast Company.

But the most embarrassing instance happened just a couple of weeks ago. While working on a project with our interim Admaster Dave Cluett, I turned to Dave and said, "Dave, what's your last name?" (That's my dodgy way of fessing up that I didn't remember his email address.) "Cluett," he responded. Thing was, I knew that. I just blanked. Sorry, Dave.

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  • Tom Carpenter

    As Dale Carnegie told us many years ago, every person's favorite word is their own name. This is why I've developed a strategy for remembering names. It has helped me greatly. The most important thing I can say about remembering names is this: use the person's name. Most people who say they can't remember other people's names simply do not use their names.

    Good luck, uh, what's-yer-name,

    Tom Carpenter
    Senior Consultant, SYSEDCO