The Brand Called... Who? III

From airlines to human beings, the BBC reported yesterday that Americans are increasingly apt to name their children after commercial brands.

One reason for the popularity of brands as names is a growing desire on the part of parents to mark their children out as different. Also, naming a child after a brand such as Armani or Chanel, associated with money or exclusivity, reflects the material hopes of such families.

I just feel sorry for the boys in Michigan and Texas named ESPN!

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  • Brian

    It's better than naming all of your children George. Oops; we Americans have that one covered as well.

  • Internet Business Profits

    Please don't let my wife see this story - our baby will end up being named Prada!

  • Clynton

    If there are any girls recently named Hilton out there, their parents are probably realizing the downside to 'branding' your child with a brand name.