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The Brand Called... Who?

USA Today reports that United Airlines has decided to name its new low-cost airline Ted. The Pentagram Design staffer who came up with the name says that Ted is more than a friendly first name, it's the last three letters of United's name.

While other first-name brands haven't flown to far — Microsoft's Bob is a fine example — I like the feel of Ted. What do you think? Will Ted fly?

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  • Joaquina de la Vega

    Please, try to find out for me. where is the crew of United for TED flight 1433 operated by United employees that came from Dulles Airport and landed in Miami on April 26. All the passengers were left at an international gate and we had to walk until we were on the USCustoms area. Crew and employees of United for TED never showed up, to help up on this creazines. The crew were from Denver-Seattle wich I found out while on the flight. We were lucky that we did not ended up in Seattle...good show!!

  • Abraham

    Ted...I think it's quite clever.

    "TED" is a part of Uni"TED"...

    You pay more for the whole Six letters

    And pay only a part for a part of them.

  • William

    Ted sounds everything except airline? What will you say if someone ask you, with whom are you flying with? you say "Ted", if guys say that it sounds gayish and if females say then it sounds erotic! you decide, perhaps Ted is a better name for a new born male baby.

  • Charles Collie

    When you are in the type of trouble United has been in you try to take short cuts to get back in the good graces of your customers, but the real answer to their issues is much larger than coming up with a friendly name. Branding is about everything your company does, not just the name or the logo or even the marketing approach. United should take some very visible steps to address the real issue that their costs are too high, their prices are too high and their are too many negatives in the experience of flying United.

  • say what?

    all I can say is... Pentagram better have something solid behind those three little letters 'cuz it's weak on initial delivery... I am underwhelmed.

  • Earl

    I like the name - and I think they got it from one of my favorite movies, "Captain Ron."

    Remember this exchange between Captain Ron and Caroline?

    Caroline: "Are we going, to like, any real type places?"
    Captain Ron: "Sure. Have you heard of St. Croix?"
    Caroline: "Yeah!"
    Captain Ron: "Well, were going to the island right next to it."
    Caroline: "What's it called?"
    Captain Ron: "Ted's!"
    Caroline: "Ted's? Great; its probably a sponge fisherman's convention or something..."

    You can look it up. Think they'll have direct flights to St. Pomme de Tierre?