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Gone Fishin'

Since the bulk of us are away today at an offsite, we're going to leave FC Now to you, loyal readers.

The question: What are some websites that you use to find great thinking about business (besides here, of course), whether they be commercial sites, blogs, message boards, or mailing lists. We know a great deal of excellent sites, but we'd like to hear from you.

Post your favorites in the comment area below, and we'll have a look. Then on Monday, we'll report back.

Have a good weekend.

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  • Jarby Dennis

    One of the bestresources that has helped me in the recent past has been a FREE Organizational assessment that I found at . Takes about 5 minutes to complete and at the end you get a customized, comprehensive assessment of where the weak spots are within your organization. I had everyone in my workgroup take the test, and then compared the results that everyone generated. FANTASTIC resource.

  • Andrew

    I recently found a new business site ( similar to the drudge report. It distills all the news and interesting business articles out there into one concise webpage. Saves a lot of time.

  • Ludmila Matiash

    Here in Kyiv, Ukraine we like to think that our portal "Management: Methodology and Practice" ( is a good data base of resource materials for managers and educators in post-soviet economies. It's in 3 languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English) and is being featured in a Profile on MIT's OpenCourseWare site.

    Ludmila Matiash, Editor

  • FJ Tichawangana

    I think is full of good ideas, tips and pratical DIY business tools. From creating a business plan to laying out a marketing strategy, this site is a godsend for small businesses- anywhere in the world. I'm from Zimbabwe and I find much of the knowledge here very applicable.

  • Frank Lewis is a great starting point for investors and financial executives. They provide a comprehensive portal to all of the key financial resources on the Internet.

  • Jay Solo

    My favorite business blog is BusinessPundit,, but I have been checking out many others I have linked. I only sometimes post on business topics, but it's one of my interests.

    BusinessPundit and I started something called Carnival of the Capitalists, modeled after Carnival of the Vanities for general blogs and blogs of any kind. It'll feature self-submitted best/favorite posts each week on business and economics related topics. Permapage that has info and hosts is at We invited many business bloggers, including this one, to participate, but no doubt we missed some.

  • Francis Miller

    Most business plan sites focus on business plans for start-ups or for raising finance.

    My site ( is one of the very few which looks at internal business plans to help ongoing businesses work out what they need to do to become more successful.

  • Chris Corrigan

    I have a pretty big blogroll of diverse interests, all of which inspire me on the business side at There are blogs there that deal with business, creativity, poetry, art and culture, science, network theory, knowledge management and community development, all of which provide me with a rich diet of inspiration on a daily basis.

    That blogroll encompasses many sources from a defunct blog I had called Open Space (still up at which looked at Open Space Technology, self-organization, complexity and the evolution of the inviting organizations. The links on the sidebar of that blog are pretty cool.

    At least I think so, your milage may vary of course.

  • Beth

    The Chronicles of George is a great site for networking with other tech professionals. It has both humor (George's tickets) and a discussion board for rants and tech info.
    I would recomend that everyone check it out...