Card Sharks II

You may recall the playing cards used by the military to identify Iraqi and other leaders during the conflict overseas. TVNewsLies quickly responded with their loaded deck of "America's least wanted."

In the world of business, the Stacked Deck offers sets of "corporate America's least wanted." Featuring questionable leaders and executives from companies such as Adelphia, Enron, HealthSouth, and Merrill Lynch, the deck is a cartoony, trivia-ridden wakeup call.

But I'm more jazzed by Cubicle Cards, a company that helps business leaders spice up their workaday business cards. You can design and create your own professional trading card, complete with information about your experience and skills, performance stats, and so on. They seem oriented more toward job seekers than people in established positions and organizations, but I like the idea of a trading card instead of the average business card.

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  • Steve Portigal

    I'm amused by their sample, presumably the real card that the head of that company uses to promote himself and the business and the cards (yeesh, we're getting recursive)....that picture is horrible!

    If the whole thrust here is about putting a better "image" forward to make a stronger, more detailed, longer lasting (blah blah) impression, and yet their sample is absolutely pathetic, then how believable is it?

    Or is it just me - does anyone else object to that photo of the guy in front of the whiteboard with his mouth hanging open?