Workplace Weirdness

I wasn't in the office Friday, so consider this my corollary to Alison's TGIF! entry.

Stealth Disco is the fun but not overly productive practice of sneaking up behind a colleague and getting your dance on while a co-worker video tapes you. Is this a holdover of dotcom culture? A good way to relieve stress at work? A way to help build camaraderie among team members? You make the call.

The site is work safe, but please be considerate and turn down your computer's volume.

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  • the idea partner

    Talk about stealth marketing. Cramer and Krasselt don't seem to take themselve too seriously and yet are smart, strategic and very serious about doing great creative. Love it when people thing right outside the box, literally. (check out the Airtran "Shipping" commercial)