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Absolutely (Pre)Fabulous

The Sept. 15 edition of Newsweek includes a pleasing feature on the emerging new wave of prefab housing and its architects. Proponents mentioned in the piece include Jones, Partners: Architecture (whose Web site features a bit of pomo snarkiness); Tampa, Florida-based developers Richard and Kim Markham; LOT/EK Architecture; Jennifer Siegal; Rocio Romero; and Modern Modular.

For a roundup of innovative prefab designs, check out Fab Prefab and the Web site of Oskar Leo Kaufmann. And if you need even more prefab fabulousness, leaf through the book Prefab.

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  • Chris Tawney

    As a residential lender who did a lot of mortgage loans for manufactured housing, financing will be the biggest stumbling block for the industry. Fannie Mae has tightened its rules again for manufactured housing.

    Modular does not have the same inherent financing problems. Modular homes are built in a controlled enviornment but not considered a "vehicle" when it leaves the factory like a manufactured home. The problem with modular so far has been that the site built contractor can still build the home cheaper in most cases than the factory guys. Check out Its a great product but too expensive.

    Alternative materials (hay bale, rammed earth, shipping containers) is a great idea. The problem is, what lender would want to have to foreclose on a home built out of a shipping container? Then what? They would rather pass on the loan than worry about the future headaches.

  • NeoTheologue

    "A BIT of pomo snarkiness?" Ugh! I got a nosebleed looking at that site.