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Soft(ware) Sell

Cem Kaner has proposed a Software Customer Bill of Rights. While the paper is oriented toward software as a product — and addresses whether people should be able to sue vendors that ship defective software — it touches on the ideas of brand promise and customer service, as well.

When working with business partners, organizations have contracts to fall back on. But what contract do you offer your customers beyond a warranty, if that? If you developed a bill of rights for your customers and clients, what would it say?

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  • Al Seah

    I think this is about time. Software is an integral part of our lives - at work and at home. It can affect our livelihood and that means bad software can endanger us. Like any "hard" products, it should also come with the same liabilities clause. Software is not cheap either. In some cases, they cost as much if not more than a car so why not hold them to the same accountability as we would with car manufacturers?

    I would add one thing in - that beyond 90 days of usage and if the customer does not find any defect (meaning incompatibilities) with existing setup the software is considered solid and sold.