Beauty Pays

Berkeley business professor Hal Varian reports today that the unthinkable is true: Good-looking people (mainly men) consistently enjoy more professional success than their less physically attractive colleagues.

As if that weren't insult enough to the less-glamorous ranks, the study Varian refers to indicates that more than garden-variety discrimination is at play here; being attractive may actually enable higher productivity.

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  • Chris

    At some point in my late twenties I finally allowed myself to believe that my hair loss wasn't going to be temporary.... so I ended my relationship with my hair stylist by having her shave my head.

    After that I did notice that I was handled differently by the older generations at work. I work at a Japanese-owned company and I noticed this particularly with some of the older Japanese that I worked with at the time.

    Sadly, I also noticed that I was no longer carded when I ordered a beer. So, I suppose it was somehow a rite of passage as I was entering my thirties.