What Should Google Do?

What good is a blog if we can't use it to opine on how people smarter, busier, and more successful than we are should do their jobs?

Actually, the point of What Should Google Do? (my free PDF) is to show all of us how easy it us to unbox our thinking if we really want to. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share it all you like.

I bet you could do the same for just about any company you can think of, even yours...

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  • Heath Row

    I just double checked the link, and I downloaded the PDF just fine. Not sure what happening on your end...

  • Jamie

    Hi, I cannot get the link to the ebook to work. Does anyone have a URL where I can find a copy?


  • Chris Huff

    Glad I could be included in the ebook. You have created not only an ebook but an idea generator. Reading through all the opinions for google's direction, I thought "why limit these to google?" I'm sure some of the ideas could be used to create purple cow products.

    Chris (trying to be a purple cow but so far looking rather black and white)

  • Tristam Bielecki

    A late addition for you:

    Google and Lycos to Merge?

    Last ime I was in Seattle I was told about the latest dog trend. Apparently fashionable dog owners are buying Poodles and Labrador mixes, more commonly known as Labradoodles. I thought my leg was being pulled, but in fact it is a developing breed.

    This got me thinking. Lycos has a labrador as its mascot. If Google and Lycos merged, would the new mascot be a "Labragoogle"?

  • Anders Abrahamsson

    Hi, Seth!

    Yes, this way of global collaboration with its ultimate speed in the time to market, and the excellency of all the ideas coming out were amazing.

    And agreeing with Don the Idea Guy, I feel so happy to have mine included...but not maybe so much with the honour of being there for my part, I would rather say - totally biased with my suggestion of the "1 cent per search to a long term investment fund focusing poverty eradication and empowerment", focusing my statment there in the Google Book - as said, my mind is all too set on the issue to think of something else.

    And, with this.

    So delighted that I already have established a follow up Global Brainstorm eBook to be published by ON A MISSION/OAM!

    Following Seth Godin's excellent example! Role modelling...who will be the third ;) ?

    Waiting for your contributions, all...check #News section at our beta web with link above.



  • DON the IDEA GUY

    I LOVE the concept of everyone having the ability to simply collect content for an ebook from their website.

    It's so incredibly obvious and simple...

    Wish I'd thought of it first. ;)

    Seth, thanks for choosing my idea and including it on page 68. There are incredible suggestions in the book and I'm honored to be among them.