Work Is Impersonal

Does the Allstate Insurance Co. really think that an online resignation process is a good idea?

I know resigning can be a challenging conversation, but quitting online with a couple of keystrokes seems to devalue the employee by making the process too easy — and to make the entire exchange overly impersonal.

If and when I next quit a job, I'm going to do so personally — face to face with my boss.

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  • Scott Airitam

    I hear you, Heath. From a personal integrity standpoint, I agree with you.

    I don't know anything about the Allstate policy, but having worked in HR for years, I also know how challenging it is to get good information from a departing employee in an exit interview. Unfortunately, not everyone is as honest and forthcoming as you probably are, but the exit interview information is used by good companies to improve retention, loyalty and commitment among the best employees remaining. By getting open, honest, and full communication from employees who have made the decision to depart, trends contrary to those goals be discovered.

    Like I said, I don't know Allstate's policy, but they probably still allow employees the option of a face to face declaration of resignation and then the departure process includes the online "forms" such as these. Anyway, I applaud them for trying to do something different.

    Scott Airitam,
    Dallas, TX