The Band Called You

During the Net economy boom, it wasn't uncommon for up-and-coming companies to splurge on a popular rock band to showcase at a company retreat or sponsored conference social. Today it seems we're stuck with the recent album by the band Boston — "Corporate America."

Well, not quite. This weekend in the Guardian Unlimited, Jesus Jones' front man Mike Edwards explains the still-lucrative world of corporate entertainment.

"Rumours in the industry and reports in the tabloids about everyone from the Rolling Stones and Dylan to Robbie Williams abound," Edwards writes. "Rod Stewart earning $750,000 to play a businessman's birthday party may or may not be taken with a pinch of salt, but it is clear that famous bands can play private shows for far more than they'd get from a standard one."

As fine as the line between cashing in and selling out may be, I miss the days of company theme songs, staff bands, and inter-company rock 'n' roll rivalries. Filthy lucre, indeed.

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  • Chris

    When I was with Qwest we had the Bare Naked LAdies play a sales convention. The word was they cost a cool $1 million. The next year, when life at Qwest was not so grand, we had the B-52's for $250,000. I don't the numbers thrown around in the article are that far off.