Game Bored? II

FC Now reader Lynne Marie Parson emailed me some information about a project similar to the Big Urban Game in Minneapolis.

Urban Challenge is a multi-city competition in which two-person teams find their way to 12 different checkpoints navigating their given city on foot or using public transportation. Checkpoints are identified by decoding clues given to competitors at the beginning of the challenge.

Add a business element to such projects, and you might come close to Dr. Clue's team-building treasure hunts, which we featured at RealTime Miami earlier this year.

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  • Scott Airitam

    This sounds like a great parallel to both a teambuilding event that I love to create and facilitate as well as a new employee oreintation event that I have done for several companies.

    After all, the goal is to familiarize you with either an area (or company in my case) or to create a dependency and a spirit of working together among the participants.

    Both have proven extremely successful. I don't see why a city-wide version wouldn't work as well.

    Scott Airitam,
    Dallas TX