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Game Bored?

Early next month, the Design Institute at the University of Minnesota is going to transform the Twin Cities into a 108-square-mile game board as part of the Big Urban Game. Sept. 3-7, three teams will race 26-foot-high inflatable game pieces along three different routes to the Lake Street/Marshall Street bridge, which spans the Mississippi River.

Area residents are invited to join a team, help select the routes, roll giant dice to give teams a "speed boost," and otherwise help promote visual awareness of the Twin Cities' urban environment. BUG is being organized as part of the 2003 Twin Cities Design Celebration.

Projects like BUG fascinate me — it's almost like a competitive flash mob.

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  • Berenice Hillion

    I am on the Red team for the Minneapolis B.U.G. This is getting a lot of attention around the city, definitely a great way to be part of the community. More cities should start such events.