Working Your Network III

So I just visited Linda's pick, Eliyon's CorporateAlumni. It BLEW ME AWAY. How do they know all this stuff? They remember people from my old company that I don't even remember. It's stunning.

But of course, it's not perfect. I have to ask, Who is Laci Leichliter? It implies she was on the board of my old company, but I looked up her picture (I told you this was scary.) and I've never seen her before in my life.


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  • Stacy

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  • David H. Deans

    The technology at work on the Eliyon site doesn't appear to be anything really earth-shattering. They seem to be using a web crawler primarily pointed at sources of press releases and articles. They also seem to be mining "about us" pages on corporate web sites.

    It's also possible that they're utilizing the "Wayback Machine" database ( to build an associated history based on what they find using their web crawler.

    David H. Deans

  • Atul

    They use some kind of entity extraction technology which extracts various entities based on certain grammatical patterns and co-occurance. So Mickey Butts becomes a google co-founder ( because he has written an article about Larry Page and transaction server becomes a person.

    None of the known entity extraction algorithms are perfect. If you want to be sure that you are right you would not have a complete record and if you have a complete record that would not be correct.

    I am more curious about how they allow people to edit their records and counter spam while doing that. But all said and done this is an interesting experiment.

  • Adam Kalsey

    I looked up one of my old companies, Pandesic, and found out that someone named "Transaction Server" worked there. Transaction Server's been busy, too. She's worked not only at Pandesic, but at Broadvision, HTML, Java, and CGI as well. How do I know Transaction Server's a woman? Corproate Alumni lists her as Ms Transaction Server.