The Best Brands

Last month, a poll conducted by Harris Interactive found that Sony is the "best brand." Kraft, Dell, General Motors, and Microsoft fill out the top five. The poll suggests that corporate reputation is tightly tied to brand image — and, intriguingly, all of the top brands are company names. In your organization, how much effort goes into branding products and services? How much goes into branding the company itself?

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  • Mark Northern

    Coca-Cola made the list at #7. I have to question any poll that shows Dell with a better brand identity that Coke. Any time your brand name is virtually synonymous with the product category, you have definite "top of mind awareness." (Likewise, "Kleenex" in its niche.) Our company is currently "rebranding" from our old identity (which sounded and looked too similar to another company in our market). How much effort goes into branding our company? Well, we're working very hard to be the "purple cow" in our marketspace.