Welcome. The Power of Design

Recently a lot has been said about the "power of design" and its positive impact in business performance. According to the UK Design Council, "Share prices of companies using design effectively have outperformed the FTSE All-Share index by 200 per cent over ten years". Apple, Google, P&G, and Samsung know this.

The question then is why, in the big picture, so few companies truly embrace design as a strategic tool? And why designers are not stronger players in the corporate world?

In my view design and designers are underutilized, and to a point miss-utilized, in today’s business world. I believe the main reason is due to the lack of understanding and appreciation between designers and business people.

My aim in this blog is to bridge this gap, highlighting the "power of design" and creating a greater understanding between designers and business people. Stay tuned for future postings. It will be fun!

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  • Max

    That design work is not quantifiable is an obstruction for many business people. The inability to say definitively what is good or bad design, and the lack of education about how to navigate those ambiguities prevents companies who are concerned about their money from embracing design.

    Business people need education about design, and designers need to learn to present the value of their work to a skeptical audience.

    This blog is a great idea.

  • jOrdI

    Don't forget that in product design, the performance is part of it. That's the first mistake, design is not first impression, design is balance between function and form.

    Congratulations for this initiative...

  • Janel Thomas

    I am a graphic designer in a small town (about 30,00+). I cannot stress how hard it is to instill an appreciation for strong corporate design to any company. A client either "gets it" or "forgets it". We always say "good design is a necessity, not an accessory". I've seen a lot of companies, after investing in new logos or new designs, really grow their customer base. It's odd that with so many people valuing appearance in the everyday world, there are still people that don't understand how this applies to the corporate world. Anyway, thanks for the blog - it's nice to know some people understand the value of good design. Now if only small towns could catch up!

    PS - You're right about performance: design only catches their eye, it's the worm on the hook...the performance and integrity of the company (and their product) is what keeps them loyal.

  • manuelsaez

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, you are right, a successful product has to have the whole solution, "form and function". Design, can provide the complete solution not just the aesthetics.
    Through the years I found that one of the misconceptions is that design's role in business is ONLY to "make things pretty". This is not the case, designers are trained to solve problems in a holistic way. Designers can think and create honest solutions beyond the looks.

    manuel saez


  • Angelie Fadera

    designs catches the eyes of the consumers... but, that's only for the 1st impression... so, performance is also important to make the customers come back...