Organizational Creativity

Creativity is a powerful motivator. If one does anything the same way for long enough it becomes boring, it doesn’t matter what it is or how lucrative it may be. People are usually very motivated when asked and challenged to use creativity to solve problems or invent new methods or discover new opportunities. Design is the tool that most organizations can embrace to infuse creative thinking into the equation. This is one of clearest reasons that Design and Design thinking are so important to business today, they serve as the method for "achieving use from creativity". But the need is deeper than the role of the designer, it goes to the whole organization. Everyone is creative if given the opportunity and giving the opportunity is becoming an imperative.

Is creativity fostered, promoted, nurtured in your company? If so, in what ways?

Mark Dziersk


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  • Alan (Robert Alan Black)


    I agree with your points mostly. Once people learn that it is OKAY to be creative and feel that ALL ideas are accepted and the mood of the room, meeting, group is creative they will be more created.

    At least the largest majority of people I have experienced.

    For 30 years I have been focused personally and professionally on helping people rejuvenate their creativity.

    How did you become interested in creative thinking in the workplace?