Profile Completion


 Professional History

  • start date doesn't allow years before 2005
  • end date is not active


  • believe we should show categories that correspond to our CORE areas
  • for example, "Innovation" is missing (there are many practitioners and companies in this field
  • to avoid translation problems to other data sets, we could allow multiple choices for this item
  • Check for alphabetical ordering, some items are not in sequence , e.g. marketing

Organization Size

  • There is no choice between sole proprietor and 20

Add This Position

  • Add This Position button doesn't work
  • Only option is to SAVE AND CONTINUE
  • I was expecting to be able to enter more positions

Educational History

  • Consider changing order of Start Date and End Date dates from most recent to most 'historic' ;-)
  • Performance for ADD THIS SCHOOL button is extremely slow. I clicked again, not seeing the progress bar at the bottom of the page and ended up with multiple entries for a single school



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  • Lynne d Johnson

    Thank you Mike.

    The professional history issues that you experienced are already being addressed by our developers. We will see the changes reflected on the site in the next few weeks.

    That is a good idea that you have for educational history and we'll take it into consideration.

    Lynne d Johnson
    Senior Editor,