When There’s a Clear Target, the Right Details are Easier to Find

  1. A Hotel for Japan-Loving Hipsters
    What if you had to create a Japanese cultural experience in a Western hotel? That box led to Chip Conley's Hotel Tomo in San Francisco, with anime art covering the walls, beanbag chairs, and gaming suites with PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and 6-foot LCD projection screens.
  2. A Formula for Hit Comedies
    Will Ferrell comedies, such as Talladega Nights, are hits in part because planned scenes are jumping-off points for improvisation between the actors, leading to the funniest moments.
  3. The Un-Bank
    A bank that's a community center? West Coast regional Umpqua Bank does it with branches that host regular events, such as yoga lessons and movie nights, and offer a house blend of coffee and local-music downloads.

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