What I Want

We asked a dozen business leaders what they're lusting after this year. The results might surprise you.

John Jay | Wieden+Kennedy
Global executive creative director

"In celebration of the 100th birthday of Charles Eames, I want an Eames Plywood Elephant [a limited edition elephant shaped wooden stool]. It was designed in 1945 but never released for distribution." $2,007; eamesgallery.com

Laura Michalchyshyn | Sundance channel
Executive VP, programming and marketing

"It's extravagant, but I want a FlatPak House [the custom designed prefab house made famous by its ads in Dwell magazine]. Great for those looking for a lifestyle change." From $200 per square foot; flatpakhouse.com

Antonio Bertone | Puma
Chief marketing officer

"The Jet by Cirrus Design is a single turbine engine personal jet with simple design an affordable [relatively] alternative for private air and general innovation." Holding deposit: $100,000; the-jet.com

Alexandra Shapiro | USA Networks
VP, marketing and brand strategy

"I often dream what life would be like if I had a personal assistant. Nabaztag [a Wi Fi enabled smart rabbit figurine that does menial tasks such as reading you your email] may be better no attitude or salary." $175; nabaztag.com

Robin Kaminsky | Activision
Executive VP, publishing

"I need a bag for my laptop and other tech gadgets to charge them without a plug. The Voltaic Solar Bag comes wired with three solar panels." $229; voltaicsystems.com

Mark Cuban | Dallas Mavericks/HDNet

"A Buslink BusDrive pro 2 series 32 GB flash drive is big enough to hold everything I need to carry that's digital. I can put 30 movies on it, which is a lot easier to carry than 30 DVDs." $1,992; compusa.com

Lawrence Hunt | Silverjet
Chief executive officer

"I'd like unlimited stays at Yotel [a high design hourly hotel chain currently found in U.K. airports but spreading]. They've done away with the gratuitous rubbish you pay for at city hotels." From $51 for four hours; yotel.com

Alex Bogusky | Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Chief creative officer

"The AirScooter [an 11 foot-by 7 foot lightweight open air chopper] can take off vertically and be flown by a relative novice. Basically, this thing is your own personal helicopter." Price to be determined; airscooter.com

Kenny Dichter | Marquis Jet
Founder and chief executive officer

"A High Definition Golf simulator from Interactive Sports Technologies." Life size digital images and satellite data recreate 3-D championship courses. "It's a terrific way to work on your game year-round." $39,500; istgolf.com

Sharad Devarajan | Virgin Comics/Virgin Animation
Chief executive officer

"I want Stranglehold for the Xbox 360. It s a video game by John Woo — a fanboy dream made reality." $60; strangleholdgame.com

James Gager | MAC Cosmetics Worldwide
SVP and creative director

"I want a box of macaroons in assorted flavors from Ladurée in Paris [a bakery famous for its Pantone-hued macaroons in wild flavors like pepper java and lime basil]. Really delicious — and beautiful." $49; laduree.fr

Jimmy Wales | Wikipedia

"If you have $2,000 burning a hole in your pocket, well, here's something: The Sonar, a 405 nanometer near-ultra-violet laser pointer from Wicked Lasers. Anyone who needs to ask why doesn't get lasers." $2,000; wickedlasers.com

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  • David Rogers

    I just got the Voltaic Solar Bag in the Messenger style for Christmas. The solar panel charges its own internal battery (that has a 55-hour LED torch when fully charged) and the battery charges my devices. The adaptors it comes with make it easy to charge my phone and my iPod without ever having to plug into the wall. I found it on www.thesolarforum.com - these guys seem to have the most affordable prices on practical Solar-powered techie gear that I've seen.