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Beverage Marketers Have Created Idea Triggers Better Than Anyone.

They're so good that they're routinely co-opted for political purposes.

1. Absolutely Unfab
Absolut's long-running ad series created the premium vodka market, but that makes it susceptible to parody to make a point about the effects of alcoholism.

2. Beachcomber
The trigger is the beach, or more broadly, vacation. When you're amid the sun and surf, there's no chance you're ordering a Sam Adams. It has to be a Corona.

3. Milk and ...
Moo juice was never just for breakfast, but by reminding people of milk's perfect pairings, it became a top-of-mind alternative for any time of day.

4. Polar Express
Coca-Cola's popular polar bears proved a ripe target for Greenpeace when it wanted to say hydrofluorocarbons contribute to global warming.

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