The Kyle XY Experiment

One show, many platforms.

What Disney -ABC digital-media guru Albert Cheng calls the "branded multiplatform ecosystem" is a lot more complicated than old-fashioned TV programming, when all you had to do was pick a single time slot. Here's how ABC Family handled last year's premiere for Kyle XY, a drama about a boy with no memory--and no belly button.

  1. iTunes
    Free download, June 21--29
    An unconventional and heavily promoted prelaunch release, with no ads, designed to generate early buzz.

  2. ABC family
    June 26
    The cable channel's most successful premiere, with a record 2.6 million viewers.

  3. ABC
    June 30
    A cameo on the network's summer schedule gave the show big-time exposure and referred viewers back to ABC Family.

  4. iTunes
    $1.99/download, June 30--Present
    No more free downloads. Subsequent episodes go on sale the day after TV broadcast.

  5. ABC Family On Demand
    $39.99/month, July 1--August 1
    Allowed Verizon FiOS TV customers to watch the pilot on their own time.

    Free streaming, July 5--Present
    Yes, free. The only catch: You have to watch three 30-second ads, a fraction of the number you see on TV.

  7. DVD Release
    $40, May 2007
    All of season one for your DVD library, just before the start of season two.

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