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Blogging the Bloggers

We go meta this month, bringing you the top sites for and about bloggers. How to blog best? Read on.

Bloggers Blog

Who writes it: Greg Knollenberg, CEO of Writers Write

The skinny: An aesthetically challenged but highly readable review of blogs in action, from election reporting to blog scrapbooking. We like its cheeky analysis: When a Wall Street Journal blog offered legal advice to would-be Halloween hooligans, Bloggers Blog observed, "It is unlikely many potential egg throwers are reading the WSJ Law Blog."

Blog Business Summit

Who writes it: Teresa Valdez Klein and Steve Broback, hosts of an annual blog conference.

The skinny: An expert guide for every company that has tried to promote itself online via word-of-mouth—but that ultimately can't fathom this newfangled blogging thing. The overriding theme: "Businesses are used to a level of control that is no longer possible, and that's scary. The sooner you get over that paralyzing fear, the better."


Who writes it: Los Angeles wag Kyle Bunch

The skinny: The People magazine of the blogosphere, Blogebrity dishes on the writers behind the digital curtains. Recent highlights: Gawker editor Alex Balk agrees to pen the sports blog Deadspin for a day after losing a World Series bet with editor Will Leitch. And does Stephen Colbert really swipe his material from bloggers?

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