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There are so many ways to provide good service, and just as many to fail. These blogs show you how to get it right.

Blog: Church of the Customer

Who writes it: Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, authors of Creating Customer Evangelists

Why you should read it: Great experiences can turn customers into your best salespeople; bad ones turn them on to your competitor. McConnell and Huba spice up their illuminating posts about the power of word of mouth with cheeky visuals.

Blog: Customers Are Always

Who writes it: Customer-service veteran Maria Palma, formerly of Nordstrom and Sears

Why you should read it: It's the little things that make service great—like a joke-cracking Starbucks barista or a HomeTown Buffet waiter who offers to close the blinds. Palma's own anecdotes plus experts' insights cover the service biz from all angles.

Blog: The Curious Shopper

Who writes it: Sara Cantor, a retail planner in Chicago

Why you should read it: Cantor posts her shopping pictures with savvy, savage analyses of "why some stores work and others don't." It's a retail-centric view of how the minutia of store design affects customers.

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