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Real-Time Zero Time

Some phrases have a way of insinuating themselves into the lexicon of the new economy. (Consider, for instance, "fast company.") A quick search of the Web — it took us, well, zero time — turned up the following list of products and services that feature "time zero" or "zero time" in their name.

Polaroid Time-Zero Film ( Polaroid offers Time-Zero Film.

Among the film's attributes: "Medium speed, medium contrast, integral film for high definition instant color prints."

Time Zero Corp. (

According to its Web page, "Time Zero Corporation was founded in 1970 to provide a 'turnkey' service to the electronic industry as a sophisticated manufacturer of electronic assemblies."

Zero Downtime (

Launched in 1996 by two "I.S. individuals," Zero Downtime is a software company that "provides quality personalized service without the mega price that usually comes with it."

"Time Zero" video (

Fogdog Sports offers a video that features "great radical freeskiing and telemarking in the finest powder spots of Europe and Canada."

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