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Hemlines, Online

What's the new black? Who's the next Mizrahi? And how to keep up with the whim-a-minute fashion world? Here are three blogs to keep you a season ahead.

Blog: Daily Fashion Report

Who Writes It: Marilyn Kirschner, former senior editor of Harper's Bazaar, and team

Why You Should Read It: A glimmer of intelligent life in the fashion universe. Kirschner, a respected fixture among A-list fashionistas, brings an independent eye and white-gloved refinement to industry trends, with firsthand reports on runway shows, previews, and exhibits.

Blog: Fashion Schmashion

Who Writes It: Editors at Paper magazine

Why You Should Read It: Paper, which has been dishing out the cutting edge of style since the 1980s, knows what's cool almost before it happens. Its blog weaves personal anecdotes with commentary on fashion-news staples (e.g., "Scarlett Johansson's Boob").

Blog: 360° Fashion

Who Writes It: Anina, a tech-savvy top model, and 14 other fashion pros

Why you should read it: Unless you're into Eurotrash nightlife, the content here may seem vacuous. But the concept is worth checking out. Each "spoke" in the fashion wheel is home to the blog of a distinct industry persona—buyers, agents, etc.—opening windows into an often opaque industry.

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