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Latte Everywhere

Any business that relies on mass replication of a high-end experience has become vulnerable to the Starbucks of metaphors.

"We have become known as 'the Starbucks of flowers.' "
— KaBloom Web site

"Savor a HoneyBaked Ham (, the Starbucks of the ham business."

"Cereality wants to be the Starbucks of the breakfast bowl."
— Business 2.0

"The Post is becoming the Starbucks of saloons."
— Detroit Free Press

Is PrairieStone Pharmacy "the Starbucks of pharmacies?"
Fast Company

"Robert Bosch Corporation [is] apparently the Starbucks of fuel-injector makers."

"Tate Britain has mounted the Starbucks of art exhibitions."
— The Daily Telegraph (London)

"We want to be the Starbucks — the gourmet T-shirt maker — for the screen printer."
— American Apparel CEO Dov Charney

"[Digital Planet's Richard] Meltzer was there, and came back convinced Baltimore is the place to build 'the Starbucks of technology support.' "
— Baltimore Business Journal

Einstein Bros. Bagels are "the Starbucks of chewy mounds of dough."
— Review on

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