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Contest: How Can This Brand Be Better?

Help Fast Company reinvent these successful — and struggling — brands.

Even the strongest and most successful brands occasionally need to be refocused, refreshed, and revitalized. The Fast Company team has developed a list of aging brands that could use reinvention — as well as some successful brands that could still improve further.

Readers can choose to help reposition and rethink one brand — or all of them — and the participant who contributes the most promising strategy for adding new life to a brand — as selected by the editors of Fast Company — will win a three-hour branding consultation with Karen Post, author of Brain Tattoos: Creating Unique Brands That Stick in Your Customers' Minds, and a free, signed copy of the book.

Full rules and entry information are available online.

The deadline for the How Can This Brand Be Better? contest has passed. Entries received at this point are not eligible to win. Your ideas and insights are still welcome, however.




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These Brands Could Be Better

Brooks Brothers
Fast Company
Martha Stewart
Office Depot
Old Navy
Radio Shack
The United States of America

A version of this article appeared in the August 2004 issue of Fast Company magazine.