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Jean Machine

Staff Stuff

I love jeans. While most people have 2 or 3 pairs, I have 12. In fact, my life was one long search for the perfect pair of jeans until I heard about Levi's Original Spin, which allowed me to create my very own, customized Levi's. Nirvana! And it was easy. At the Levi's store in San Francisco, I used a computer to choose the model, fabric, even the kind of fly I preferred. Then, after a full body scan in a Star Trek - like steel chamber, it was off to the dressing room, where a sales associate brought a few pairs similar to the ones I'd requested. I tried on four or five to tweak the fit — smaller in the waist, tighter in the butt, looser in the thighs. The associate wrote up the measurements, and I was done. Total time: about 45 minutes. Cost: $70. Two weeks later, my jeans were in. And if I wasn't satisfied, I had 60 days to return them for a store credit or a refund, even if I'd washed them. But I won't be returning mine. They fit me like a glove. Learn more about Original Spin on the Web (

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