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My Favorite Bookmarks: Brian Proffitt

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Who: Managing editor, and
Surfing Manifesto: If a site can't teach me something new, what's the point of going there?


As a private pilot, flying is one of my favorite — but most expensive — diversions. This site has hundreds of free aircraft files to download into my PC's flight simulator. And it's much easier on the wallet!


Linux has consumer-friendly software, and it's free. That's why it's perfect for public schools that can't afford high-end PCs with costly Microsoft licenses. This site is spearheading that effort.

Weather Underground

I'm a weather junkie, and this is the very first Web site I ever visited — way back in 1993! WU gives me my meteorological fix every day.

Window Managers for X

This is where I go to find out about the many graphic interfaces of Linux and Unix.

Wireless Developer Network

Browsers are showing up on cell phones, PDAs — even kitchen appliances. Without this site, it would be tough for me to stay in the new-technology loop.

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