My Favorite Bookmarks - Todd Michael Krim

Picks from the head of

Who: Founder, president, and CEO,, where you can do estate planning, chat with a grief counselor, or write good-bye emails to be sent after your, um, departure.
Surfing Manifesto: There's way too much redundancy on the Web. When I go online, I look for sites that are unique and compelling, and that will extend my mind.

One of the most interesting sites I've found: It contains personal accounts of "after-death communications."

Ethical Wills

This site provides guidance for people who are interested in drafting a written testament of their values, beliefs, life lessons, and hopes for the future.

Growth House

An award-winning Web site with a wealth of resources for people who are struggling with a life-threatening illness or with end-of-life care issues.

How to Know God

Deepak Chopra's Web site contains study guides, tools, and inspirational quotes that help keep me grounded in this World Wide Web of life.

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