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Desk Set

Hewlett-Packard's e-Vectra is e-xciting.

The surging popularity of the iMac has persuaded PC manufacturers to become more creative about the design of their products. A case in point: the e-Vectra computer from Hewlett-Packard. Part of HP's new e-PC line, the e-Vectra is unusually compact. HP has moved the power supply to the outside of the computer, so the e-Vectra weighs only about eight pounds and can be mounted under a desk or on a wall. HP has also removed the (seldom-used) floppy drive from the machine, making it that much harder to import viruses. Want an upgrade? Just snap open a panel, remove the hard drive, and hand it over to the IT folks. The e-Vectra is e-xciting.

Pricing for the e-Vectra starts at $549. To learn more, visit HP on the Web (

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