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My Favorite Bookmarks - Phil Mitchell

Picks from the cofounder and editor of If Not Now....

Who: Cofounder and editor of If Not Now . . . , an online organization devoted to liberal politics
Favorite Search Engine: AltaVista ( I'm keeping an eye on Google! (, which has a good idea and just needs to scale up.
Surfing Manifesto: I spend hours sifting through news, government, and advocacy-group sites. They provide an immediacy and a breadth of information that weren't available before the Web.

Thomas — Legislative Information on the Internet
My bread-and-butter site. The Library of Congress has done a good job of making information accessible. It's not a bad citizen's portal.

The Daily Digest of the Senate and House of Representatives
A daily rundown of all that happened in Congress the previous day — not just what made it into the news.

California State Senate
You can subscribe online to a particular bill in the California legislature and then automatically receive email whenever the status of that bill changes.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Old hat at this point, but I still get a thrill at being able to search — and find — any phrase in the Bard's complete works.

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