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My Favorite Bookmarks - Mark Erickson

Picks from the vice president of culinary development, Digital Chef, Inc.

Who: Certified master chef and vice president of culinary development, Digital Chef Inc.
Favorite Search Engine: Infoseek ( I love narrowing my search based on previous results.
Surfing Manifesto: I used to go online to wind down after a late night in the kitchen. Now I get energized by the ability to share my interest in cooking with a worldwide audience.

CNN Interactive
My daily newspaper — the whole world on one page.

Wine Spectator
My biggest passions: wine, food, and the Net (not necessarily in that order).

MTB Review
Mountain-biking events and maps — plus recommended trips and trails.

Car and Driver Online
I haven't outgrown my gearhead days. But now my budget is bigger.

The best integration of content and commerce that I've seen — especially with the Spinner Plus version. Oh, and the music is great too!

New York today/Restaurants
When your business or your passion is food and cooking, you need to stay on top of the New York restaurant scene.

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